About the Artist

About me

I love glass, any kind of glass. I love colour, light, light shining on and through glass, the way the light is reflected through the various textures, constantly changing depending on the time of day, the season, the weather.

The mosaic process is one of meditative catharsis, from the initial concept of the piece, often influenced by nature, to the process of choosing from the rich colors and textures, deliberately shaping and setting each mosaic piece, then grouting to bring it all together for the final reveal.

I love working with stained glass, glass on edge, stacked glass, beads, glass chips, sea glass, tempered glass, mirror and anything else that catches the light or my fancy. Using a variety of mediums is also an interest and I have recently added polymer clay, metal and other interesting found bits to some of my work.  Most of all I like to have fun with the creative process allowing the materials to lead in the creation of a piece.

Commissions welcome.